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10 Best Romance Anime of All Time (Anime Love)

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In the beautiful world of anime, the romance genre has been growing for many years. There are all kinds of anime couples in all kinds of romance anime. Here are our picks for the 10 best romance anime and the couples of those anime (The list only refers to the anime and not the mangas of those respective anime)

Your lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) “Kousei x Kaori”

Kousei Arima falls in love with Kaori the moment he sees her playing the violin. This love story continues through the whole series where Kousei always remains unsure of how he should treat Kaori, as from where he was standing it seemed that Kaori was in love with his best friend.
However, it was Kousei who she actually wanted to be with.

Nisekoi (False Love) “Ichijo x Onodera”

The Harem king Ichijo Raku has one girl after another falling for him. But, who he really wanted to be with was his childhood friend Onodera (Well, almost all of them were revealed to be his childhood friends) Onodera is so cute when she doesn’t understand how to handle her feelings (You can’t help but adore her).

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Fruits basket “Yuki x Tooru”

After getting discovered by the members of the Soma clan. Tooru gets invited to stay with them.
Even though there has been no confessing done yet. It is obvious that Yuki is in love with Tooru, the same could be said about his cousin Kyou (She was the one who saved them from there miseries!)

Clannad “Tomoyo x Nagisa”

Sometimes love can hurt, it can hurt a lot. Clannad is a reminder of how things can go wrong in real life. No matter what you try, life isn’t something you can win against and it is always possible that end isn’t going to end well.