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10 Best Romance Anime of All Time (Anime Love)

Toradora! “Taiga x Ryuuji”

A cute little tsundere falls hard for an evil looking but a gentle dude who was both her neighbor and her classmate. As a matter of fact, they both fall hard for each other, it’s just that they take almost all the episodes to realize that.

Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) “Sawako x Shota”

Being polar opposites in terms of being social these guys totally hit it off. There are plenty of awkward moments that make them both turn red, which also makes their relationship a little slow to start. But that just makes this tale a whole lot more beautiful.

Wotakoi: love is hard for otaku “Hirotaka x Narumi”

As the name says this romance is between otakus. One is a hardcore gamer, while the other is a fujoshi (I guess all otaku girls are fujoshi, for those of you who don’t know, Fujoshi refers to a yaoi fangirl) However, this actually turns out to be a decent romance anime. Not to mention, their other two colleagues who also happen to be otaku and in a relationship together.

Domestic na kanojo (Domestic girlfriend) “Natsuo x Rui”

After the shock of seeing that both his crush and the girl he had his first time with are going to be his step-siblings, from now on. Natsuo is left completely speechless. However, as the series progresses Natsu and Rui (Who he had his first night with, only for the sake of experience though) start to get closer to each other. Still, there’s no telling what would happen in the next season.

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Monogatari (My love story) “Yamato x Takeo”

Another example of beauty and the beast. After saving miss Yamato from a pervert and later teaching him a lesson. Rinko Yamato falls hard for this tall big fellow, meanwhile Takeo seems to think that Yamato has feelings for his best friend Suna. Suna knows who has fallen for whom and thanks to him both Yamato and Takeo also find out that they are both heads over heels for each other.

Golden time “Banri x Kouka”

Banri falls in love with his best friend’s fiance and it turns out that the love is mutual. With a little psychological trauma, this turns out to be a roller coaster of one little twist after another. Banri has to go through a lot because of the personality swap. He remains unsure who he is actually in love with and what he is supposed to do, the same goes for Kaga Kouka.