6 Facts You Probably Already Know About Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven fact

If you have seen Trinity Seven then that means you know this anime isn’t like your usual Ecchi. There is some rather questionable stuff. Not to mention how the protagonist embraces the way of the perverts.

For those of you who haven’t seen Trinity seven yet. Here’s a little overview of the plot:

Trinity Seven Plot

The sun seems to be black for some unusual reason. Arata is surprised to see that he is the only one who has noticed this change. He asks his childhood friend if she also thinks that the sun seems different. She tells him that’s how the sun has always looked… He realizes that the girl he is talking to is not his childhood friend and that’s when the mystery starts making some sense.

The reason the sun is black is because of the “Breakdown Phenomenon” which destroyed Arata’s city and also made the people of the city disappear (Just like how people turned into ash in Avengers: infinity war).

The girl who explained all of this to Arata is Lilith Asami, Arata gradually starts to remember what actually happened and how he created this new world.

Lilith presents Arata with two choices,To either hand over the Grim war (A strange book of mages) and restore the world to what it was supposed to be after the incident and the second choice is for him to die.

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However, Arata decides to go with a third option presented by himself, which is to study and become a mage himself.

Just like that, he is at a school learning to become a mage. After a ruckus and some other random events, Arata gets acquainted with the trinity seven who are the top mages in the vicinity.

Now let’s talk about some facts of trinity seven which you are already familiar with. I know it may sound random, it is:

1-Lilith is waifu material

Yeah, she is the same age as our protagonist (17 years) and she also happens to be a teacher. Think of the endless possibilities… Not to mention, her blushing face. Man, that is just adorable. On top of that, she also wears glasses (GLASSES!!!) Take a moment and appreciate her blushing face!

2-Trinity seven is a Harem

Sorry for being a Mr. Obvious. One high school boy and many girls make up your typical harem.
However, what makes trinity seven stands out is that the main lead stands tall and embrace the way of the perv. Unlike some other anime where the main character remains a pussy and just like that the anime ends.