Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Akame Ga Kill Characters:

Akame and Chelsea in Red Eyes Sword: Akame ga Kill! Pic credit: White Fox
Akame and Chelsea in Red Eyes Sword: Akame ga Kill! Pic credit: White Fox

All the characters in Akame Ga Kill! (Red Eyes Sword) are extremely loveable and very unique like Akame, Leone, Mine, Chelsea, and Tatsumi. They all have their own individual qualities and as I mentioned before, what I really love about Akame Ga Kill is that they show the antagonistic side as well. Later on, in the show, you are also introduced to the Jaegers (who are the enemies of Night Raid), you aren’t like, “That’s a villain so, I don’t like him/her”. Akame Ga Kill shows us their side of the story as well. You understand them and sympathize with them.

Akame ga Kill English Dubbed:

The English dubbed and the English captions of Akame Ga Kill season 1 can be found on Netflix and on the official website Sentai Filmworks.

Akame Ga Kill Anime:

Akame Ga Kill Anime is a beautiful piece of art and some even call it, “Game Of thrones of the anime world”! Its animation is pretty good and the voice actors have also done a splendid job at portraying each character for what they truly are. The direction of the show is good and the show does not seem too fast-paced. The anime version follows the story of the manga at first but later on, it diverges from the story in the manga. Akame Ga Kill can be a good starter anime for someone new to the medium.

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