Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date

angels of death season 2 release date

Angels of Death is a Horror anime, that is adapted from the Game with the same name. Being adapted from a game, it has managed to gather a huge audience comprising of both anime fans and gamers. Now the fans are waiting for Angels of Death Season 2 desperately! If you’re one of them, then you are in the right place! There has been no official announcement regarding Angels of Death Season 2. Today, I’m going to tell you everything about Satsuriku no Tenshi season 2!
First, let us see what this show is all about.

Angels of Death is a Psychological horror anime playing with your minds and making you stick to your seats till the very end! The crazy side of this show is what intrigues me a lot. The unhackneyed story-line, no-cliché romance arising between two polar opposite main characters, and the game-setting given to the anime make this show a pure source of entertainment. People who have played the Game already would love this anime for sure! It has got such intense action to it that viewers feel like they themselves are a part of it. And who doesn’t love psychopath serial killers? This show is a fantastic thriller and it is a whole lot of fun to watch. (Check: No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date)

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Angels of Death Plot:

The show starts in a mysterious place, where we are introduced to the main character named Rachel Gardner. This amnesic girl, with no memories of her past-life, is clueless about how and why she got to this place. An unknown voice on an intercom declares Rachel a sacrifice for all the other inhabitants of that place. Not knowing anything, she heads to an elevator and ends up meeting a psychopath serial killer with a scythe named Isaac Foster (Zack) on B6 level who tries to cut her into pieces.