Attack on Titan: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

6-Attack on Titan light novels

Because of its overwhelmingly large popularity Attack on titan got a few prequel light novels and side stories. There are about six of them in total. Since they were not written by the creator himself, they are not considered canon. The OVA Attack on Titan: Lost girls that features stories about Annie Leonhart and Mikasa Ackerman was also originally done in one of those light novels. That light novel was later adapted into a manga and then came the OVA.

7-Brock Lesnar is the Armored titan?

There are several kinds of titans, and of course, some of them are very strong like the Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, and the Beast titan … It has been confirmed by Hajime himself that the design of Armored titan is actually based on a WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar. It appears that Hajime is a huge fan of WWE as well as Lesnar.

8-Attack on titan body pillows and perfumes

With popularity comes the merchandise, Full body sized Attack on titan body pillows of Levi, Jean, Colossal and Armored Titan… are available for fans to do whatever they want with them. Of course, this one is for girls unless you are …
In addition to that, you can also smell like your favorite characters by using the Attack on titan perfumes.

9-Guess who is the narrator

The narration of Attack on titan for both Japanese and English dub is done by the same voice actors who voice Armin Arlert.
It also seems that Armin is more likely to survive until the ending compared to Eren and Mikasa. Who knows, maybe we get an ending where everyone is dead and Armin is explaining everything through his voice.

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10-Isayama’s favorite

Guess who is Hajimme’s favorite character. Well, it’s Jean Kirstein, maybe because he thinks that Jean is a very honest dude who always speaks his mind off. But it is up to him to decide what a character does.