Best Anime of 2018: Top 10 Anime Series to Watch

anime of 2018

So here are the top ten anime of 2018 (best anime of 2018) that you definitely need to watch if you haven’t already:

1- A place further than the universe:

This is an exceptionally good anime that follows a tale of four young high school girls as they depart on their journey to Antarctica. There is no unnecessary romance, it is a beautiful series (only 13 episodes) with stunning animation and visuals.
All four of girls get some considerable character development and their stories are something many people can relate to, but it all works out in the end.

2- Violet Evergarden:

A tale of an emotionless girl who takes on the job of an auto memory doll, someone who expresses the feelings of others in the form of words (A letter) to be sent to the intended person.
She hopes that she might also be able to understand Love by understanding the feelings of others.

3-Run With the wind:

This is a sports anime about running. A college student named Haiji Kiyose wants to run in the Hakone Ekiden which is a festival for runners where only a few get selected to run.
In order to qualify for the Ekiden, he has to convince his roommates and form a team of 10 members. Not only that, the selection process is going to be far from easy.

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