Best Anime of 2018: Top 10 Anime Series to Watch

8-Grand Blue:

The comedy is killer. The story is about a 20 year old who comes to the sea side in order to study at a university while living with his uncle. He has two super cute cousins and there are naked weirdos hanging around in his uncle’s shop. It takes Iori not more than a few minutes to get completely influenced by them and join in the party. There aren’t many anime that are as good as this one when it comes to comedy.

9-Rascal doesn’t dream of Bunny Girl Senpai:

A rare disease called puberty syndrome that only affects teenagers is the focus of this anime. It’s symptoms are very supernatural so people don’t actually believe it exists. But a high school student named Sakuta Azusagawa knows that it’s real and he helps those who are currently facing this unusual phenomenon.

10-Watokoi: Love is hard for Otaku:

This anime is about two salary men and two salary women who happen to be all Otaku.
Though love isn’t supposed to be that hard, there are some complexities involved that make it a little funny. I mean would you rather go on a date or read the latest manga you bought.
Doing some cosplays also sounds like fun!

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The anime in this list are not specifically ranked, however these are one of the best anime of 2018.