Best Summer Anime of 2019 “Top 10 Anime To Watch”

Best Anime of Summer 2019

The summer 2019 season of anime has concluded and it’s time to look back on some memorable series. These are the 10 best anime you need to watch.

1-Dr. Stone:

Dr. Stone one of the most popular anime of summer 2019 is an original and unique anime that has more to do with science than superpowers. With a blinding green light, mankind gets petrified. Senku Ishigami is the first human to awaken after 3700 years of petrification. From there on out, his journey to bring back the age of science starts.
Will Senku be able to revive the kingdom of science? Or will he be stopped by those who reject his vision of bringing back the kingdom of science? Only one way to find out.

Dr. Stone is available for streaming on Funimation and in DVD/Blu-ray through Amazon.

2-Vinland Saga:

Young Thorfinn has grown up hearing tails from sailors who went on adventures, and traveled oceans to reach the legendary place “Vinland“.
His father told him “You have no enemies, nobody does. There is nobody who is okay to hurt,” As he grew up, he realized that those words are about as far away from being true as he could imagine. Unlike Vinland which is supposed to be a warm and gentle place, where he is now there’s nothing but war and death.

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This is a job well done from the Wit studio. With its stunning artwork and strong animation, it is sure to become a major hit. (A must watch)

Vinland Saga is available for streaming on Funimation and in DVD/Blu-ray through Amazon.