Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Release Date And Renewal Status

Classroom of the Elite Anime:

Classroom of the Elite anime was produced by studio Lerche. This studio has been known for its various other highschool setting anime like Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Danganronpa and is highly praised for its successful adaptations. Now, The Classroom of the Elite has amazing visuals. The animation is fluid and the pacing is excellent. Although it feels a bit too fast, the event progression is good. This makes it an excellent watch for anyone looking for a good anime. And is highly recommended for new fans who just started watching anime.

Classroom of the Elite Manga:

The Manga adaptation of the Classroom of the Elite started in 2016 and continues to this day. The Manga has very detailed panels and the artist Ichino Yuyu has certainly made the series more enjoyable to the manga readers out there. The manga correctly adapts the light novels which the anime shied away from. Which makes the manga more appealing for the light novel readers out there. And even if you haven’t read the light novels, it’s still a good read as the manga takes you deeper into the story.

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