Claymore Season 2 Release Date & Manga (Is it ever going to happen?)

claymore anime season 2

Fans of the Claymore series are desperately waiting for Claymore season 2! If you are one of those fans then, you are in the right place. Today, we will give you all the information you need about Claymore season 2 and tell you when it could be releasing.

Before we get on to this anime. Ask yourself this question: “How many anime have I watched who never got a sequel?” If you are one of us, then definitely a bunch of anime will start popping up in your mind (No game no life, Class Room of the elite, or the anime you are thinking that just popped up in your mind).

Let’s get on to one of the many anime, who deserves a season 2 but there is still no update yet “Claymore” an anime about some badass females (Clare, Teresa …).

What is the plot of Claymore?

The plot of the anime claymore is about claymores, who are half-human and half Yoma. To put it simply they are incredibly strong. Since the humans themselves have always been pretty terrified of Yoma, they began fearing claymores too. In fact, claymores aren’t the one who gave themselves the name claymore, it was the humans who gave them this name.

In some situations, Yoma can be very hard to deal with. In these situations, Claymores are hired to find them and slice them for humans.

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Let’s recall, who exactly is Yoma?

Claymore anime season 2 Pic credit: Madhouse

Yoma is demons, who are hungry for human flesh. They can transfigure themselves into humans, which allows them to immerse themselves into inhabited areas. Furthermore, they have inhumane speed and strength. They can also regenerate at an alarming rate.

So how did this anime start?

The anime starts with a certain town, which is desperate as every night a Yoma eats one of their people.

In order to do something about it, they have no other choice but to call a claymore. Who could kill they Yoma for them?

Claymore season 2 Kapan Rilis Pic credit: Madhouse

The arrival of the claymore is rather odd. Even though she has come to help the people by killing that Yoma for them. It appears that the people are afraid of her silver eyes and pale body, not to mention the heavy armor she is wearing.

However, the claymore doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. In fact, she is been quite used to the idea of people looking at her as if she is a threat.

Still, a young boy named Raki grows interested in that claymore and follows her around for a little while and even tells her that his parents were the first ones to die by the hands of that Yoma.

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Claymore season 2 release date Pic credit: Madhouse

Before going back to his home, he asks for her name but she says that there’s no point as it’ll soon be forgotten.
What he sees after returning home is another total nightmare. His uncle is lying on the floor “dead” and behind him is his brother. And it turns out, the Yoma had taken over the body of his brother and he was pretending to be his brother all along.
Just like that, the claymore shows up and saves the day by passing judgment onto the Yoma and slicing him in half with her claymore sword.

Claymore season 2 manga Pic credit: Madhouse

The job is done and that’s why the claymore leaves. As for the boy, he is abandoned by the townsmen because they think what if he is a Yoma too.
The claymore saves him, tells him her name “Clare” and that’s how this anime began…

Claymore English Dub:

The English Dub of Claymore Season 1 is available on Funimation, which is the official licensor of the anime.

When Will Claymore Season 2 Come Out?

Claymore manga Pic credit: Madhouse

The Claymore anime aired back in spring 2007 and it has been about twelve years since then. Who knows how many years would it have been by the time you read this article. The anime was popular enough to get English dubbed, but it seems that it wasn’t profitable enough for the studio to make a second season. So, the chances of claymore season 2 happening are as low as there are of Yamcha killing Frieza.

That just leaves fans with one choice; Claymore manga The claymore manga ended in 2014 after 13 years of serialization (Almost 14) There are 159 chapters divided into 27 volumes. The Claymore manga is very popular, according to some sites, it is among the best of the best. That’s why it might be a good idea to start this manga now, as there might never be another season.

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A side story about Claymore was also done in 2012 by the author himself, ” Claymore Bangaihen: Senshi Reimei-hen (Claymore: Warriors’ Dawn) Hardly anyone knows about it, but since it’s only a single chapter long. It wouldn’t hurt to check it out, right?

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