DanMachi Season 3 Release Date Confirmed for October 2020

DanMachi Season 2 Review

The season 2 starts with our typical Bell getting wrecked by an Apollo Familia.
After that, there’s a war game between Apollo and Hestia because Carnell did this, If you are just an anime watcher than the both the first and the second season seem okay. But, if we take light novels into consideration than it turns out the anime is missing a lot of stuff that
is supposed to be in the original story which mostly includes conversations.

However, season 2 is a little slow-paced compared to season 1 but that’s because season 2 has followed the light novel better than season 1.
And, from what is coming next. You’ll see why was season 2 slowly paced compared to the first one.
English dubs of both seasons were also done immediately after their execution which made the fandom even bigger as most anime fans prefer dubs to subs.

Danmachi Light novel

The DanMachi Light novel is also worth reading if you are a light novel reader. It is way better than the anime in terms of ratings and the story is what it actually is. DanMachi has also been adapted to manga but it isn’t the author’s original work. If you want to learn more without reading the Light novel, you can just head over to the DanMachi wiki fandom and get all the knowledge you need.

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