Dororo ending explained and “Will there be a season 2”

dororo season 2 release date

Fans of the Dororo series are desperately waiting for Dororo season 2! If you are one of those fans then, you are in the right place. Today, we will give you all the information you need about Dororo season 2 and tell you when it could be releasing.

Dororo 2019” is an anime that aired this year. Most of the fans might not know it but it is actually a remake of an anime that aired back in 1969.
It is an Adaption of manga that only published 19 chapters, after that it’s serialization was stopped because the ending that was supposed to happen after the ending wasn’t really liked by the editorial department.

So what is the anime Dororo about?

The story takes place in an earlier time where if the land doesn’t receive rain for much time, it’s game over. A lord named Daigo Kagemitsu also seems to be in a similar situation, where his land is about to die.
He plans to do anything in his power to stop it from dying. He makes a pact with the demons, and propose that they can take anything in return for saving his land.

His wish gets fulfilled but in a rather strange way. In return for saving his land, the demons eat 48 organs of his newly born child. His child has no ears, no eyes, no nose, no skin, no hands, no arms, no limbs, nothing at all but he is still alive and breathing. Daigo immediately understands what caused this unusual phenomenon, he orders the midwife to dispose of the half-alive baby.

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But the midwife couldn’t bring herself to do that, she placed him in a boat and the boat swept away with the waves. He was later found by a medicine man, who took him in and made artificial arms, legs, eyes and even skin for him.

He also taught him how to fight. The boy is named Hyakkimaru. Although the boy cannot see, hear, or even smell. He departs on a journey to kill the demons that took his body. With the death of every demon, he regains a body part. However, if all demons were to be killed. Daigo’s land would also die.

The main character Dororo is a little orphan girl who has nowhere else to go, she accompanies Hyakkimaru on his journey to regain his body.
As the story progresses, Hyakkimaru together with Dororo continues to kill more and more demons and Hyakkimaru gradually regains his body.