Dororo ending explained and “Will there be a season 2”

Dororo Season 2 When it is Coming Out?

This story is an emotional tale that involves some disturbing and unbearable scenes. The cruelty of ancient times also shows just how much are we better off in the world of today.
Now, what actually happened in the manga ending, and what end did the author had in mind?

In the ending of the 1969 anime which is closer to the manga. Hyakkimaru recovers almost all of his body except one part. A year passes and it turns out the last demon is now in Tahomaru.

Tahomaru has exchanged his soul for power. To live on as a complete human, Hyakkimaru kills Tahomaru and meets with Dororo again. They bid farewell and go their separate ways.
In the ending that the author came up with, which was never actually incorporated. It is revealed that to have all body parts, Hyakkimaru must kill Dororo as the final demon now resides in her. He also can’t just leave her be as she will have to live with a demon inside her, the other option is to plan out kill her. Hyakkimaru refuses to kill his dear friend.

This ending was actually used in a Dororo video game (Blood will tell), Where Hyakkimaru trains his spiritual energy for five years to ultimately cast out the demon from inside Dororo and exorcise it. It ends up in an epic final battle between that demon and Hyakkimaru.

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Possessed Tahomaru after being restored by Hyakkimaru eyes for making a pact with The Twelfth Demon. Pic credit: Tezuka Productions

However, the ending of the Dororo 2019 was different from both the 1969 Dororo and the alternate ending that was never used.
In this ending, Hyakkimaru recovers all of his body. After that, he visits the temple and encounters Daigo there.

Daigo tells him that he won’t stop, he will feed the demons another human. He wants power, as a samurai lord, he is hungry for power…
As he says this, Hyakkimaru approaches him. But instead of killing him. Hyakkimaru leaves by saying that he is a human and he is not going to kill anymore.
He also tells his father to not become a demon either, At that time Daigo realizes that what the demons craved so badly was Hyakkimaru’s strength to live on.

He dies after wondering what if he hadn’t made that pact with the demons 16 years ago, he might have made his land prosperous with the help of Hyakkimaru.