Drifters Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

On waking up, Toyohisa meets others who were transported to this new world like him and made the group known as ‘Drifters’. These people were from different timelines, having a different set of skills and histories, but joined together by fate to fight against a group called ‘Ends’ whose sole purpose is to decimate all the drifters and sabotage the world! This world contained all the supernatural creatures like elves and demi-humans. A group of native human magicians known as the Octobrists helped the drifters to wage war on the Ends and save the world from the ravages and destruction.

Drifters Anime:

drifters anime
Pic credit: Hoods Drifters Studio

Drifters anime is an adaption of the manga with the same name. Animated by the Hoods Drifters Studio, Drifters is a magnificent piece of work when it comes to the animation quality. The comedy elements of the show provide us with the lightheartedness. The thing that intrigues me a lot about this show is how the character design of the anime is perfectly in accordance with the manga.

Drifters Manga:

Written and illustrated by the amazing Kouta Hirano, Drifters manga is a stunning piece of art! if you’re a history-freak with an interest in war and fantasy then Drifters manga is just what you want in your hands right now. Kouta Hirano has used quite a unique art-style and out of ordinary character designs that make Drifters stand out in the crowd. With dark and gloomy setting to the manga, Drifters is a thrilling dark fantasy that is sure to entertain you!

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