Autumn (Fall): 2019 “Top 10 Anime To Watch”

top anime fall

The best Fall 2019 anime include a slew of sequels to popular shows like Psycho-Pass, The Seven Deadly Sins, Food Wars, and My Hero Academia.

All of the following animes are currently airing. The list also involves underrated anime that is actually quite good. These are the 10 best anime you need to watch.

10- Assassins Pride:

This is the only anime from this list that is not a sequel. The story seems dark and edgy.
Assassin’s Pride is about the fate of a noble 13-year-old girl named Melida Angel who seemingly fails to manifest her ‘mana’, in order to help her Kufa Vampir is ordered by the Angel family to become her tutor. The tutor is over-powered but the Main Character Melida has to always do her absolute very best just to keep up. It is a really good anime with the OP and ED being out of this world.

9- Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia:

Another sequel to a pretty complicated series called the FATE SERIES. The fate series is a video game series that follows various events called Holy Grail Wars. These events can’t be explained in a paragraph, it’s some high IQ stuff.

8- Chihayafuru 3:

This is another very popular anime made by the studio “MadHouse” The first and second season were both major hits and the third season will probably end up being a hit too.
Chihayafuru is an indoor sports anime about Karuta. The story seems mediocre at first but it progresses at an alarming rate, leaving fans speechless. It is an incredibly beautiful anime that totally deserved another season.

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