EnEn no Shouboutai Fire Force Season 2 Release Date

fire force season 2 release date

Fire Force (or Enen no Shouboutai) is hands down, one of the best shounen anime of 2019. This anime managed to gather a huge fan following, and now, all of these fans are looking forward to the release of the second season. Fire Force Season 2 has actually, already been confirmed! If you are one of those fans who are desperately waiting for the release of Fire Force Season 2, then you are at the right place. Today, I will give you every bit of information regarding Enen no Shouboutai Season 2. (CheckOverlord Season 4.)

But before we get started, let us look back at what this show is all about.

Fire Force Wiki:

Fire Force is an action-shounen series, which is filled to the brim with excitement! One of the major reasons why this series is so popular is the fact that it shares its creator with the legendary anime, Soul Eater. This series can be called a modern version of Soul Eater, which is just as good, if not better. What I really love about this series is the fact that the story is not straight-forward.

Despite being a shounen series, Fire Force actually has a very complex and well-built story. This anime is not just about Shinra (the main character) getting stronger. Fire Force focuses on a lot of other aspects of the show as well, the main one being spontaneous human combustion.

Another thing that I absolutely adore about this show is that it manages to give us just the right blend of light-heartedness and seriousness. The show manages to remain true to its grim story whilst also giving us a comedic twist. One thing that can sometimes be annoying about this show is the un-needed fanservice. There is a lot of un-needed fanservice in this show, but to be very honest, it can be quite hilarious and entertaining at times. Now, let us take a look at the plot of the Fire Force.

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Fire Force Season 1 Plot:

Fire Force Season 2 (or Enen no Shouboutai Season 2) confirmed for 2020. Pic credit: David Production

One day, a quite eerie phenomenon started to take place all over the world; spontaneous human combustion, a chaotic phenomenon that converts ordinary people into flaming violent creatures known as infernals. These infernals attack innocent people, and hence, they must be stopped. The fire force is tasked with the mission to annihilate these poor creatures.

There are also some people who don’t turn into infernals but actually get the ability to produce or control fire; these people are known as 2 nd and 3 rd generation cases of spontaneous human combustion. Shinra Kusakabe, nicknamed the devil’s footprint because of his ability to produce fire through the heels of his feet, is our main protagonist. Shinra is determined to become a hero who can save every single soul from the terror of the flames.

Fire Force Anime:

Just look at how happy Maki is while playing with her fire spirits. Pic credit: David Production

Fire Force anime (firefighter anime) is a very good adaption of the original source material. The anime manages to stay true to the manga, and it is very beautifully animated. With the best voice-actors, animation quality and background theme Fire Force is a very entertaining anime. One thing that is kind of annoying about the anime adaption is the fact that it sometimes gives us very bad transitions between different scenes. Other than that, Fire Force is a must-watch anime!

Fire Force Manga:

Firefighting taken to a whole new level! 🔥 Pic credit: David Production

Being drawn by the legendary manga artist Atsushi Ohkubo, Fire Force is very beautifully drawn and has a very good narrative structure. The manga is very easy to read and can be enjoyed by even the people who don’t usually read the manga. The manga does not suffer from a transition problem like the anime. Fire Force manga is way ahead in the story and is definitely a must-read.

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Fire Force English Dub:

The English dubbed and the English captions of Fire Force Season 1 Part 1 can be found on Vudu and in DVD/Blu-ray through Amazon.

Fire Force Season 2 Release Date:

Yes, what you read at the start of this article was absolutely correct. Fire Force Season 2 has been confirmed! The new season is set to start airing in July 2020 and it is going to cover a lot more of the spectacular story that we all know and love.

Considering the popularity of this anime, we can be 100% sure about the fact that this season will also have an overall better quality. According to the manga readers, the next season is going to have an even better story-line as compared to the first season!

Fire Force Season 2 Trailer: