Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown and Season 2: Release Date

goblin slayer season 2 release date

Goblin Slayer is a popular anime of the year 2018, it was a short anime of only twelve episodes that aired in winter 2018. The show became a big hit among anime fans right from the very first episode.

This anime is about a man who slays goblins and calls himself a goblin slayer. His goal is to eliminate every last Goblin in existence.

No Goblin Slayer Season 1 Plot

The story takes place in a fantasy world where people take on quests as adventures to make money. An aspiring 15-year-old adventurer who is just about to make her debut as a priestess gets asked by some other rookies to join their party and take on some goblins who have abducted some girls from a neighboring village.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 will wait? The Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown movie. Pic credit: White Fox

The group of rookies consisting of one boy and three girls including the priestess heads toward the goblin nest without any initial preparation or plan. What awaits them is an ambush by the goblins, they are completely caught off guard, the goblins start the bloodshed. The boy is killed in an instant.

One of the girls tells the young priestess to run with their other injured comrade as she continues to fight. However, a big one appears and smashes her into the wall, the goblins gang up on her and make her their play thing.

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Just when things start to look pretty hopeless for the young priestess, who is the only one still conscious. A man in an armor appears and saves the day by killing every last one of the goblins with no effort at all.

He shows no mercy in killing any goblin, even the goblin children. That’s just shows how much hatred is there in the heart of this man.

After the quest is over and the girls are saved. The young priestess joins the Goblin Slayer in his endeavor to kill every last goblin.

When Will Goblin Slayer Season 2 Come Out?

Goblin Slayer vs Goblin Paladin. Pic credit: White Fox

There is a Goblin Slayer movie (Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown) coming up in Feb 2020. What comes next is probably the Goblin Slayer Season 2 but for now, the White Fox Studio is only focusing on the movie. One thing we know for sure is that another season will happen, it was written as clear as day in the ending of the first season.

“Goblin Slayer Will Return” Goblin Slayer is an anime adaption of the light novel series “Goblin Slayer” written by Kamu Kagyu. It was also adapted to a Manga written by Kosuke Kurose. The anime took the fame of Goblin Slayer to a whole new level.

There are also some spin-off series: Goblin Slayer side story: Year one and Goblin Slayer Gaiden 2: Tsubanari no Daikatana. The serialization of the second spin-off series (Tsubanari no Daikatana) was canceled and fans were very disappointed as it was going very well. It was declared that the serialization canceled because of various circumstances, no clear reason was given.

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In addition to that, Goblin Slayer has also been dubbed.
The main character, however, always keep an armor on which is the reason why not only us but his own comrades can’t see his face.

During the final episode of the first season, our young priestess asks him to show his face as her reward for helping out. That’s when he shows his face for the first time, The problem with both the anime and the manga is that they are constantly teasing the fans with only showing some of his faces.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Release Date

The ending of Episode 12 finished by teasing anime fans with only half of Goblin Slayer’s face. Pic credit: White Fox

The fans want to see his full face which may or may not happen in the Goblin Slayer’s season 2, or perhaps the Goblin’s crown movie.

We might never actually see his full face, just like how it was with Kakashi Sensei from Naruto. But Kakashi sensei did get a face reveal in a filler episode. The same could happen with Goblin Slayer.

The producers might just be trying to create some hype among fans on what Goblin Slayer’s face looks like and wait until the hype is real enough to reveal his face to the fans.

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Although, there are many fan arts of his face all over the internet. Some people agree on some but others disagree. The actual face reveal is what fans are really waiting for.

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Trailer

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