Golden Kamuy Season 3 Release Date: Sequel Confirmed

Golden Kamuy Plot:

Golden Kamuy season 3 release date announced. Pic credit: Geno Studio
Golden Kamuy season 3 release date announced. Pic credit: Geno Studio

Golden Kamui follows an average guy by the name Sugimoto who survived the Russo-Japanese war of the Meiji era. He was nicknamed “Sugimoto the immortal” during the war.

But now our rumored immortal hero seeks the riches of the gold rush in Hokkaido to save the widowed wife of this best friend. During this journey, he stumbles across some information about a huge stash of gold hidden away by a criminal. Now, together with the girl who saved his life from the harsh North he ventures into an elaborate race against the criminals who also seek the same bounty.

Golden Kamuy Anime:

Golden Kamuy is one of those gems which stay true to the source material. The anime correctly adapts the manga from panel to panel which is very hard to find these days! And it seems to have done a very good job.

The voice acting is phenomenal and Combined with its stunning visuals and an amazing story. We get a very well-balanced show with good pacing that almost everyone can sit down and enjoy.

But there is a catch. Since we can’t always have nice things, Golden Kamuy’s anime has 3D effects. Now it’s not as bad as some other anime, but the 3D factor is still there. Now, let’s be a little fair to the anime, these scenes are very few and barely affect the overall enjoyment of the anime. Other than that, this anime is amazing with little to no flaws.

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Golden Kamuy is a personal favorite of mine and its “comedic aspect” is just hilarious. Satoru Noda, the Author of Golden Kamui is known for his wackiness. This is reflected in his works as seen. And this anime will make you laugh without a doubt, and maybe cry later on. So, it’s a bouquet of emotions. Which is why this is a must-watch for any anime fan out there.