Haikyuu Season 5 release date: Haikyuu!! To The Top Season 2

Haikyuu Season 5” one of the biggest pillars of high school sports anime. This anime hit the anime fandom like a storm and fans all over the world have fallen in love with its amazing story and animation.

It’s one of those anime that can be watched a hundred times and still not get tired of it. With its so overwhelmingly large fandom, it was only natural that the anime will get another season and it finally happened. (Check: Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release Date )

Haikyuu Season 4:

The year 2020, early that year we will get another season of this amazing work of wonder. The anime will reappear on 22nd January 2020 with an OVA “Land vs. SKY (Riku vs. Kuu)” It’ll be a match between Nekoma and Fukurodani for the Tokyo Qualifiers. This OVA will be two episodes long.

What makes this anime so great?

Haikyuu!! is about a Kid named Shoyo Hinata who fell in love with this sport after getting inspired by watching a volleyball ace “Little giant (Tiny Giant in the English dubbed version of the anime) in action? Being the only member of the volleyball club at his school. He tries to revive the volleyball club, and the newly formed team of noobs even makes it to a tournament. Their first match, however, seems to be their last. They get crushed by Kageyama “The king of the court (A high school prodigy) and his team.

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Frustrated and overwhelmed by losing the only match he ever got to play. Hinata keeps on playing volleyball with anyone he could find.

Hinata joined Karasuno High school, the same school which The Little Giant was from. He seems oddly happy on his way to his first day of high school. He can’t wait to see what kind of volleyball club the little giant used to be a part of. But he soon finds out that the King of the court, from whom he lost the only match he ever played in his entire middle school career is also at Karasuno High School. That’s how their journey to the top starts.

Will be there a New Beginning?

The anime is a constant stream of all kinds of emotions, it is a sports anime but they have kept it realistic. Losing, winning, patience, confidence, and other key elements are the essence of this anime.

There are some pretty strong character development, humor, and amazing OSTs that make every episode refreshing in a good way. Above all these anime is actually inspiring and motivational, it makes you want to go out and smash some volleyballs.

Karasuno high school goes through many different experiences but they finally make it to the top of the Inter-High Preliminaries (Miyagi Prefecture), where they face off against a national level powerhouse school called Shiratorizawa.

The season 3 ends with the Karasuno High School volleyball club being the victor. As their captain said, “If volleyball was a one-on-one sport, we wouldn’t be able to win against Shiratorizawa. We’re smaller, and our individual attack strength falls short in comparison. But there are six of us on the court. If we win, it’s not because a miracle happened. Our concept won’t change until the very end! We’re going to punch our way through!” (Sawamura Daichi) Season 4 will take it from here and we’ll see where the anime goes next.

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The Haikyuu Season 4 opening (OP) theme song music will be “Phoenix” as performed by Burnout Syndromes, while the Haikyuu S4 ending (ED) theme song music will be “Spirit of Decisive Battle (Kessen Spirit)” as performed by CHiCO with HoneyWorks. SPYAIR produced the opening song for the first two seasons, while Burnout Syndromes provided the third season’s OP music.

Manga Haikyuu!! The last Arc:

Haikyuu manga !! The last Arc: It has been officially announced that the Haikyuu manga is now in its final arc.

The manga started back in 2012 on 20th February. It is definitely sad news for all the fans who have been keeping up with the manga all this time.

There are only a few chapters left, but for the anime fans, the good news is that the next season won’t be enough to cover the entire story.

Which means, we’ll be getting another season after season 4. There are a few arcs before the nationals tournament too. It’ll be best to rewatch the anime before the next season comes up.

Haikyuu Season 5:

Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, its current season has been given a hiatus and has now been divided into two different seasons. So the second part of ‘Haikyuu! To the Top’ season 2, or ‘Haikyuu’ season 5, will be released on 2 October 2020. The Haikyuu!! Season 5 anime will finish the story arc started by the Haikyuu!! To The Top anime.