Kakegurui Season 3: Release Date on Netflix And Renewal Status

kakegurui season 3

The first season of Kakegurui performed quite well! This anime series became an instant hit as it took the whole internet by a storm. The first season was followed up by an equally well-received sequel, and now, fans are waiting for the release of Kakegurui season 3. If you are one of the many fans who are desperately waiting for the release of Kakegurui season 3, then you are in the right place! Today, I’ll be giving you all the information you need regarding Kakegurui season 3 (or Kakegurui xxx). But before getting started, let us take a look back at what this amazing series is all about. (Check: Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date And Renewal Status)

Kakegurui Wiki: Gambling School:

Kakegurui is a psychological highschool anime about gambling. Anime is famous for taking the most boring activities and making them seem extremely fun! Kakegurui is not an exception. This anime makes gambling seem extremely intense and intricate. You can seriously feel like you yourself are a part of the action! The story of this series is extremely unique as it introduces gambling to the world of anime. What’s really unique about this gambling is that it is all carried out in a highschool-shounen setting.

One of the major selling points of this anime is, of course, the art style! The art in Kakegurui is both beautiful and extremely unique. The facial expressions of the characters are very detailed, and they make this whole show give off a very realistic vibe. The facial expressions can seem a little too much at times, but in my personal opinion, the facial expressions make the whole show seem very intense.

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The characters in this series are also very memorable and unique. Especially the main female protagonist named Jabami Yumeko has a quite unique personality. She can be a psychotic and scary person and an acute and clumsy girl at the same time.

Now, let us take a look at the plot of this anime!

Kakegurui Plot:

Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school unlike anything else. This school houses some of the richest students in the world, and of course, students like this don’t really need technical skills to succeed in life. What rich students really need are manipulative and money-dealing skills. Hyakkaou Private Academy is a normal high school in the day, but in the night, this high school turns into living hell. The students are educated in the art of gambling. With gambling being just as important as life itself, the games are truly intense.

In this school, money is everything! Money is power and through gambling, only the truly cunning and manipulative people reign at the top of the academy.

Our main protagonist is a girl named Yumeko Jabami. Yumeko is the new transfer student who is both naïve and cute. The looks like a very clumsy girl but beneath this cute exterior lives a truly psychotic demon!

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Kakegurui Anime:

The anime adaption of Kakegurui is a definite must-watch. The anime has extremely beautiful art and very fluid animation.

The voice acting is on-point, and you can truly sense the psychotic tone in the voice of every character. The different intricate strategies being used by the characters keep our eyes peeled to the screen. This anime is also available on Netflix! Which means that you can easily binge-watch it on a Sunday afternoon.

Kakegurui Manga:

Kakegurui manga is just as popular as the anime and it is truly a feast for one’s eyes. The manga is drawn in a very engaging and easy-to-understand way, which makes it quite entertaining even for the people who are not into reading manga. The manga is way ahead in the story as it started production all the way back in 2014, and it is still ongoing. A good narrative structure and beautiful art make this manga a must-read.

Kakegurui Season 2:

As I said at the start of this article, Kakegurui season 2 (Kakegurui xx) was just as well-received as Kakegurui season 1. The second season further expands the story with the introduction of a lot of new characters. Yumeko’s fame is quickly growing and now, she is aiming to become the student council president. Of course, even the election for this title is being decided through gambling.

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Kakegurui Season 3 Release Date:

I’ve got both good, and bad news for you. The bad news is that Kakegurui season 3 has not been announced by any official sources as of yet. And the good news is that Kakegurui season 3 (Kakegurui xxx) will still most definitely happen! Considering the popularity of this show, there is no reason for MAPPA (which has produced some of the best anime series such as Dororo, Zombieland Saga, and Yuri!!! on Ice.) to not produce another season. This series is also available on Netflix, which means that Kakegurui has managed to build world-wide demand. The 3 rd season will not be released in the year 2020 but according to our speculations, we will at least get an announcement for the amazing new season.