Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date (What can we expect?)

kill la kill season 2 release date

Kill la Kill season 2 is almost impossible, but there is still hope. There is still time before the hype for this show completely dies off! Fans of the series are still eagerly waiting for season 2 and considering the popularity of the show, there is still a slight chance of this show getting renewed for a season 2. If you want to get more information about Kill la Kill Season 2 then, you are in the right place. First of all, let us look back at what this amazing show is all about.

Kill la Kill got immensely popular right after its release back in 2013. Kill la Kill is one of the good ecchi shows out there.

Mostly, ecchi shows don’t really have a plot and are not funny at all. But Kill la Kill is quite different! This show manages to give us a spice of ecchi whilst being a comedic-action show at its core. This series is an extremely wild ride. Everything in Kill la Kill is exaggerated to the fullest. Kill la Kill manages to present overused jokes and tropes in such a unique way that they become enjoyable. None of the characters in Kill la Kill feel the least bit dull; all the characters have very unique traits that define them as a person. The over-the-top nature of this anime is really the main thing that helps it stand out. Let us take a look at the plot of Kill la Kill.

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Kill la Kill Season 1 Plot:

The first season consisted of 24 episodes that premiered on October 4, 2013. Pic credit: Trigger
The first season consisted of 24 episodes that premiered on October 4, 2013. Pic credit: Trigger

This anime follows the story of Ryuuko Matoi. After the murder of her father, Ryuuko has been wandering the land in search of his killer. The only lead she has is his invention, Scissor Blade. She ends up at the prestigious Honnouji Academy, a high school unlike any other. The academy is ruled by the imposing and cold-hearted student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin alongside her powerful underlings, the Elite Four.

In the school’s brutally competitive hierarchy, Satsuki bestows upon those at the top special clothes called “Goku Uniforms”, which grant the wearer unique superhuman abilities.

Thoroughly beaten in a fight against one of the students in uniform, Ryuuko retreats to her razed home where she stumbles across Senketsu, a God Clothe. After coming into contact with Ryuuko’s blood, Senketsu awakens, latching onto her and providing her with immense power.

Now, armed with Senketsu and the Scissor Blade, Ryuuko makes a stand against the Elite Four, hoping to reach Satsuki and uncover the culprit behind her father’s murder once and for all.

Kill la Kill Anime:

Kill la Kill anime is immensely popular all over the world. Everyone loves the anime adaption of this beautiful series. The art style of this anime is quite fresh and unique. The art style gives the viewers a 90s vibe whilst retaining a modern look. The action scenes are all animated very beautifully by studio Trigger. The soundtracks are also perfect and the voice actors have all done a tremendous job in both the English dubbed version and original Japanese version. This anime is truly worth binge-watching!

Kill la Kill English Dub:

The Kill la Kill series has also received an English dubbed version. The voice actors in the English dub have all done a very good job. If you are new to watching anime, you can find dubbed episodes on Crunchyroll.

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Kill la Kill Manga:

Surprisingly, Kill la Kill anime was not adapted from the manga. Both, the manga and the anime started production at the same time in 2013. The manga and anime are quite similar to each other. There are some minor changes here and there, but overall both are true to the original story. The manga adaption is just as enjoyable as the anime. The art style and action scenes have both been portrayed in a very beautiful manner in the manga. The artist really managed to capture the true essence of this marvelous show. If you like to read the manga then, Kill la Kill is a great pick!

Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date:

The producer anime Trigger has remained silent about anything concerning a sequel for Kill la Kill.
The producer anime Trigger has remained silent about anything concerning a sequel for Kill la Kill.

Kill la Kill first aired in 2013 and then later on, after the finale of the first season, some special episodes were also released in 2014. This show was and is, immensely popular in the whole anime community. Kill la Kill is a brilliant show which most definitely deserves a second season.

The chances of Kill la Kill getting a second season are quite slim, but considering the popularity of this anime, it is still possible. A game of the series just got released quite recently in 2019 and proved to the world that this show is just as relevant as ever. If all the hype regarding this show is kept as high as possible, then there is a slight chance that a second season might get announced in 2020!

Kill la Kill Trailer:

If you haven’t watched the first season of Kill la Kill, here is a short trailer of this awesome anime!

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