Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date, Story, and Details

Killing Bites season 2 might be happening sooner than you think. If you want to know more about Killing Bites season 2 then, you are at the right place. First of all, let us look back at what Killing Bites is all about.

Killing Bites Season 1 Plot:

Sometimes girls with animal ears and features are not that cute. One day, a college student Yuuya Nomoto is driving his friends when they snatch a high school girl who is walking all alone and using her phone in the middle of the night.

They attempt to rape her and start tearing her clothes off. Little do they know what horrible fate awaits them.
Yuuya Nomoto starts panicking as he had no idea that his friends were going to abduct a girl, but they tell him that he is as much involved in this crime as they are, and they will let him have some fun too after they are done.

Killing Bites Season 1. Pic credit: Liden Films

Refusing to do that he presses the brakes only to find out that all of his friends have suddenly become silent. He wonders what happened, the girl immediately tells him to drive to where she says. He asks her about what happened to the others and she told him that, Everyone except him is now dead and the one who is responsible for tearing all of them is the girl herself, they tore her clothes and she tore their bodies in return.

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Yuuya realizes that is he doesn’t do as she tells him to, he will also die. He had to drive to a strange place where there is nothing but trash and an uncountable number of corpses. The sight scared the living daylights out of Yuuya and what happened next was even more terrifying.

He is forced to gamble on a killing bites dual, where he witnesses a dual between two superhumans. One has the genes of a lion (Brute Leo) and that girl (Brute Ratel) has the genes of a Ratel.
If the girl (Hitomi Uzaki) were to lose, all of the organs of Yuuya were to be sold in order to pay the amount of 10 million yen to Brute Leo as the money he won.

After a rather fateful meeting with Nomoto Yuuya, Hitomi becomes a temporary ally with Ishida Zaibatsu. Pic credit: Liden Films

However, Hitomi utterly defeats the king of kings and Yuuya survives to see the light of day again.
But now, his life will never be the same. Since he was the first person to gamble on Brute Ratel.
He’ll have to stay with her and also encounter the upcoming superhumans who come for Brute Ratel.
This is how the anime “Killing bites” made its debut.