Kingdom Season 3 Confirmed for Spring 2020

kingdom season 3 release date

Kingdom season 3 is coming out sooner than you think! The release date was recently confirmed. Be ready for some more spectacular action with the return of this beautiful anime.

If you want to know more about Kingdom season 3 then, you are in the right place. But first of all, let us look back at what this marvelous show is all about.

The Kingdom is actually a Chinese anime, not Japanese, and a definite must-watch is a series about war. Kingdom showcases some extremely large-scale military battles and for the most part, does an outstanding job in capturing the atmosphere of a battlefield.

Kingdom anime has some amazing fights but, the fights aren’t everything in this series. It also puts a huge emphasis on strategy and cooperation. In the Kingdom, different strategies are followed to win wars, not just brute strength. Also, All the characters work together! The kingdom is a reality series and it shows us that cooperation is needed to win battles.

Kingdom is full of emotions. Some battles can really leave you in tears! In every battle, the viewers/readers just can’t predict what will happen next. The kingdom is also loved for all the twists and turns the story takes. Let us look at the plot of this masterpiece.

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Kingdom Season 1 & 2 Plot:

Publisher Shueisha has revealed the date of the Kingdom Season 3 anime release! Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

China’s Warring States period, a raging dragon that would raze the land for 500 years, saw many kingdoms rise and fall, making way for the next generation of kings and generals to fight for supremacy.

Eventually, seven powerful states emerged from the endless cycle of warfare. In the kingdom of Qin, Li Shin, a war-orphaned slave, trains vigorously with fellow slave and best friend, Piao, who shares his proud dream of one day becoming a Great General of the Heavens. However, the two are suddenly forced to part ways when Piao is recruited to work in the royal palace by a retainer of the King. After a fierce coup d’état unfolds, Piao returns to Xin, half dead.

Kingdom follows Shin as he takes his first steps into the great blood-soaked pages of China’s history. He must carve his own path to glory on his long quest to become a Great General of the historic Seven Warring States.

Kingdom anime:

Kingdom anime gets a lot of criticism, but I don’t agree with the majority. The anime is disliked because it is less gory and mature as compared to the manga. Yes, I have to agree that the manga is better in this case, but the anime on its own is absolutely brilliant. The animation of this anime is very fluent.

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There were some issues with the animation in the first season but it was improved immensely in the second season. The voice actors have done a great job in portraying each character too and you can seriously feel the energy. The battles are very beautifully animated and they make you feel like you are in the battleground with the characters. This anime is a must-watch.

Kingdom Manga:

The anime Kingdom Season 3 will cover the Coalition Invasion Arc from the Kingdom manga series by creator Yasuhisa Hara. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot
The anime Kingdom Season 3 will cover the Coalition Invasion Arc from the Kingdom manga series by creator Yasuhisa Hara. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

The Kingdom manga is insanely good and is loved by fans all over the world. The manga is targeted more towards the adults as compared to the anime. The battles are way more intense. Also, the anime skips a lot of scenes that are not relevant to the story but they are still available in the manga.

The anime, of course, is not bad at all; but the manga is just too good as compared to the anime. The drawing style and narrative structure of the manga are both extremely great. This manga is an absolute gem and it is the type of manga which is read by the people who don’t even like to read the manga.

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Kingdom Season 3 Release Date:

Yes, people! Kingdom season 3 has been announced. The 3rd season will be covering the Coalition Invasion Arc from the Kingdom manga. Fans of the series are impatiently waiting for the release of this anime.

Kingdom season 3 will be released in July 2020. That is very close and we just can’t wait to see some more spectacular and brutal action. Also, the studio for the anime is being switched this season. Animation studio Pierrot produced the first two seasons in 2012 and 2014, respectively. For Kingdom Season 3, the anime series has switched production staff to Studio Signpost.

Kingdom Anime Season 3 Trailer: