Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Release Date Confirmed

Knights of Sidonia season 3 release date

Knights of Sidonia is an action and sci-fi anime (space anime) that has managed to gather a massive fan-base. Seeing the instant popularity of season 1 among anime fans, a second season has already been released. Now, fans are desperately waiting for Knights of Sidonia Season 3 to be aired. If you’re one of them, then do not worry we’ve got you all covered! There is news that Sidonia no Kishi Season 3 is undoubtedly going to happen! Yes, you heard that right! Today, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Knights of Sidonia Season 3.

Knights of Sidonia is truly a marvel! It has a post-apocalyptic setting in which humans are struggling for their survival. What can be more thrilling than the only remaining bunch of humans fearing their annihilation every-day? The constant tension and the fear of extermination are what keeps the viewers stuck to their seats and thrilled until the very end! The action in this anime is breath-taking, Gardes (the guardians of Sidonia) in action fill the fans with thrill and excitement to the brink! So, please put on your headphones and give this show a shot because it’s worth it!

Knights of Sidonia Plot:

Pic credit: Polygon Pictures Studio

In the future, remnants of humankind are living with a constant fear of being eliminated by aliens. These shape-shifting aliens known as Guana has been targeting humanity for thousands of years. The previous devastation subjected upon humanity by Guana resulted in some of the humans fleeing in giant seed ships. The predestination of no ships is known except the Ship of Sidonia with a population of 500,000 people, that is what is left of humans now.

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Sidonia is being guarded by weapons called Gardes that have got special spears that can destroy the core of Guana and eliminate them. Nagate Tanikaze, a guarding pilot, after the death of his grandfather, gets to the surface from the depth of Sidonia, and using his top-notch skills fights the Guana and saves humanity from their ravages. Knights of Sidonia are fighting against Guana. The only hope left for humanity is in the hands of the Knights of Sidonia.