Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date Confirmed For 2020

log horizon season 3 release date

At one time, everyone thought Log Horizon season 3 can never happen but there are new sources now which tell us a completely different story. If you want to get more information about the release date of Log Horizon season 3 then you are at the right place. First of all, let us look back at what Log Horizon is all about.

Out of dozens of Isekai anime out there. There are very few who maintain the standard and are loved by the audience. Log Horizon is one of those anime and it is on par with the likes of KonoSuba, SAO, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Overlord, and That Time I got reincarnated as a Slime and some fans even consider it to be better than them.

Log Horizon Story:

The story starts with about thirty thousand Japanese gamers getting trapped in an MMORPG “Elder tail”. The gamers believe that this happened because of the latest update of the game and there could be several hundreds of thousand players around the world.

The main character Shiroe is a college student, he grasps the situation and uses his character menu to see how many of his friends are trapped with him.
He immediately finds his friend Naotsugu who logged in after years and now he also can’t log out. Together they discuss their current situation and how they should probably start treating this game world like home for a while.

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They understand that the world they are now trapped in is now different from the world they knew when they used to play behind screens. The grass and the environment are not just pixels, they can be felt by their bodies. Their bodies need food, they need to sleep and they also need to learn how to use their bodies in actual combat.

Not to mention, they have no idea of what this new world has in store for them as they are not familiar with the latest update of the game.
The people who were trapped are now adventures and the others are called people of the land.
However, there is something different about Log Horizon which makes it stand out more. It is really unlike most of the Isekai anime out there.