Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date Confirmed For 2020

The characters rely on strategies instead of leveling up, and there isn’t much combat involved. It is more about manipulating the rules than overpowering the other guy.

The first season ended in 2014 and the second season came in months after the first season ended.

The gamers have been trapped for six months and they are now starting to get the hang of this new environment. The adventures are getting sustainable because of Shiroe’s round table Alliance. But getting funds and having spies spy on you can be a little difficult.
And the second season also ends on 28th March 2015.

When Will Log Horizon Season 3 Come Out?

Log Horizon Season 3 release date! Pic credit: Satelight

Both seasons were very successful and they were also dubbed by Sentai Filmworks.
What was supposed to happen, was for the studio Satelight to announce the log horizon season 3 shortly after the second season ended, as there is only a gap of few months between the first and the second season.
It has been more than four years without any official announcements.

The number one reason is that the studio doesn’t actually have enough sources to make an entire season of 25 episodes, not even of 12 episodes.
The original writer of the novels went on Hiatus after the tenth volume in 2015 and he hasn’t been around much after that. The 11th volume was published in 2018. Which explains the gap in the second season and the announcement of a third one.

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