Made In Abyss Season 2 Release Date: Sequel Confirmed in 2021

made in abyss season 2 release date

The anime Made in Abyss seems like it’s about cute little children going on adventures but, it’s just not true. This anime has a really dark and disturbing side which may be the reason it turned out to be such a major hit. Here is everything we know about Made in Abyss Season 2. 

Made in Abyss aired in summer 2017 and it became one of the most popular anime despite the fact, it only has 13 episodes.
So what is this anime about and where will it go from here on out?

Made in Abyss Story:

The story takes place in a fantasy world where there lies a deep hole in the earth’s surface called “Abyss” People have no idea about what lies at the bottom? What is the reason behind this strange hole? and hundreds of other questions. What we know is that it was discovered 1900 years ago on a southern Island, a city developed around it, called the city of Orth.

The adventurers who dare step inside the abyss are called Whistles and those who are ranked the highest, the ones who have contributed the most to getting something out of the abyss, be it information or a relic. The best of the best who stand at the top of all other adventures is called White Whistles.

So that’s the setting. Now, what is the story about? A girl named Riko aspires to be an adventurer just like her mother who is a white whistle (Her current whereabouts and the status: if she is alive or not are unknown) and discover what lies at the extreme depths of this thing called abyss.

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Just about to lose her life, she gets saved by a rather unusual boy who is able to produce fire from his palms, kind of like a cyborg. He passes out the moment he saves her from the giant mystical beast by exterminating him with his fire.

She and another boy who was with her before the mystical beast started the ruckus, together they take the unusual boy back to their land. The boy appears to have no memory of his past, it seems as if he has come from the depth of Abyss and he came for a reason.

Riko explains the abyss to him. Together with this unusual fellow which they now call Reg. Riko departs on a journey to the bottom of the abyss to discover what’s down there and also to see if her mother is down there. From the looks of the Abyss Map, it will surely a long, long time. Not that we can actually understand the map ourselves,

The journey is of course far from a happy adventure. Many truths about this abyss and the people are revealed which happen to be quite disturbing indeed.
Human experimentation or rather child experimentation being one of them.

The last episode (which is about 50 minutes long) is enough to make fans cry their hearts out. The anime totally does a 180, from an adventure anime about little kids to something that involves deep trauma and torture. The moment where Reg exterminates Mitty (Who cannot die and is destined to suffer for all of eternity) and Nanachi cries her heart out, is the most emotional one in the entire series.