My Hero Academia: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

5-All Might’s name

Everyone knows that Toshinori is the eighth wielder of one for all but not many know the logic behind his name. All Might’s name was created using kanji characters whose English meanings are eight, tree, genius and law. Tree can be considered as the pillar of peace or whatever. And the last two genius and law showcase All Might’s charisma as a hero.

6-All Might’s design:

Horikoshi originally wanted All Might to look more like an old veteran hero but whoever he showed the design to, they didn’t see anything intriguing about it. However, Horikoshi used the criticism to constantly change the design and now we have the fans’ favorite All Might, which means that the design we are familiar with is a result of a countless obsessive stream of trial and error.

7-Contributions from fan art contests

There was a contest held for My hero academia whose basic idea was for a unique hero creation from fans. Nighteye’s sidekick bubble girl (Kaoruko) was actually created in that art contest.

8-My Hero Academia length

At one instance the author declared that the series is about 20 percent done. If we do the math right considering the amount of time gone by since that instance then the manga will go on to have about 600 to 700 chapters which is close to the number of bleach (686 chapters) and Naruto (700 chapters) Who knows it could even end up as long as one piece which is unsurprisingly still ongoing. Furthermore, the author has many plot points already planned out so we can expect a sustainable series along the way.


When the series was about to be released as manga outside of Japan, Horikoshi didn’t really think that anyone outside of Japan would actually enjoy it. Luckily, it ended up being a huge success even overseas!

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10-Insane creative drive

Apparently, Horikoshi takes about 6 days working on the storyboards for every new chapter and finishes the final draft in a single day which is pretty insane (If you have watched Bakuman you’ll get it).