Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date: What We Know so Far

Nisekoi Season 2:

Nisekoi Season 2 was a very good addition to the anime series but, not quite as good as the first season. The second season did not have a lot of story development and felt like a filler season. This really forced some die-hard fans to switch to the manga. However, the season still retained its glamour in the comedy department. The second season was just as funny as the first season and was quite enjoyable, despite the fact that it didn’t have much story development.

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date:

Nisekoi season 3 seemed impossible at one point, but the release of a live-action adaption of the series really gave some hope to a lot of fans. The release of the live-action movie really proved that Nisekoi is still relevant after all these years. Fans of the series are still desperately waiting for season 3. Considering the fact that Nisekoi is one of the most successful projects of Studio Shaft, season 3 might just happen! There has not been any official announcement, but we speculate that Nisekoi season 3 could get announced sometime in 2020, and then later get released in 2021.

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