No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date: Is it going to happen?

no game no life season 2 ezlzase date

“No game no life” An extremely loved anime that has fans all around the world hungry for a season 2. You should know that there has been no official announcement regarding season 2 of No Game No Life. The makers of the series might not have made any official announcement but we would surely have NGNL season 2 soon. As everyone knows, this anime debuted in 2014 and was a major hit. Honestly, the hype for another season has only grown more and more even after all these years.

What is the anime No Game No Life about?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know what this anime is about and why is it considered such a big deal.

The story starts with two-game geniuses (Shut-in NEETS) Sora and Shiro who also happen to be brother and sister, they are shown playing a battle game and completely destroying everyone else to the point of getting considered as hackers.

Unexpectedly, an anonymous opponent shows up who and challenges them to a chess match which Sora and Shiro both manage to win together. The anonymous foe happens to be a god of the world of games and he takes Sora and Shiro to his world. In that world, everything can be resolved through games.
Both of them later find out, how this new world works. There are 16 races, each one of them having their own specific race piece with Emanity (Humans)being the last of them.
To challenge anyone, both parties must oblige to the following ten rules:

  1. All bloodshed, war, and pillage are forbidden throughout the world.
  2. All disputes are to be resolved through the outcome of games.
  3. In games, wagers will be made on what both parties decide to be of equal value.
  4. Unless contrary to “Three”, the game content and the things wagered do not matter.
  5. The challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game.
  6. “As per the Oath”, the wager will be unconditionally adhered to.
  7. All matters for group conflicts will be decided by a representative.
  8. If cheating is detected during a game, it will be regarded as a defeat.
  9. The above rules are unconditionally everlasting, upheld in the name of God.
  10. Everyone should get along while playing games.

Being dead last among all 16 races meant poverty and powerlessness. However, Sora and Shiro take over as the new rulers Emanity (by winning a game of course) to make Emanity rise up the ranks.
They make a fungal their servant and things start to look good, especially after defeating the War Beasts but season 1 ended just then.

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The animation is crazy good and the visuals are just out of this world. The animators did a commendable job on this one. From start to finish, this series has been an awesome stream of beautiful and sometimes stunning animation. The OSTs also take the cake. The opening and the ending are done in accordance with the series. It is truly a job well done.