Seraph of the End Season 3 Release Date (What can we expect?)

Seraph of the End Plot:

Suddenly, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed everyone above the age of 13, mankind became enslaved by previously hidden, power-hungry vampires who emerged in order to subjugate society with the promise of protecting the survivors, in exchange for blood.

Among these survivors are Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya, two young boys who are taken captive from an orphanage, along with other children whom they consider family. Discontent with being treated like livestock under the vampires’ cruel reign, Mikaela hatches a rebellious escape plan that is ultimately doomed to fail. The only survivor to come out on the other side is Yuuichirou, who is found by the Moon Demon Company, a military unit dedicated to exterminating the vampires in Japan. Some years later, Yuuichirou is now a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and he is determined to take revenge on the creatures that slaughtered his family.

Seraph of the End Anime:

Seraph of the End anime has extremely beautiful and fluid animation. This anime has been produced by the legendary Wit Studio which is also the producer of some other amazing animes: Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

Seraph of the End also has very good voice acting. This anime is a very close adaption of the original manga and it has fans all over the world. Seraph of the End is a definite must-watch.

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