The Best Anime of Winter 2020 You Should Be Watching

top anime winter 2020

The list of best anime of winter 2020 is very diverse and we have a lot of great shows to look forward to. Fall 2019 has given us some pretty good shows and we are expecting just as good (if not better) shows from winter 2020.

Winter of 2020 is not just the start of a new season; it is the start of an entire new year! The whole year of 2019 gave us many marvelous titles. Winter of 2020 is actually the start of the next batch of amazing shows.

Now, without wasting any more time. let’s get to the reason why you are here! Here is a list of top anime of winter 2020 which you should be looking forward to.

Haikyuu!! To The Top:

Haikyuu is a sports anime loved by people all over the world. Haikyuu!! To The Top is going to be the fourth season of this anime series and is highly anticipated by not only the anime fans but also the manga fans of the series. This season is going to introduce some brand-new characters and will be divided into two parts (Haikyuu!! To The Top part 1, Haikyuu!! To The Top part 2). You can expect a lot of spectacular action-filled episodes from this season!

Darwin’s Game:

Darwin’s Game is going to be a very gory anime. The manga of this anime is also quite new but, has already started to gain fans. The anime follows the story of Kaname Sudō, a high school boy who is drawn to a mysterious game app titled “Darwin’s Game.” He becomes involved in a social game where the stakes are life or death and there is no way to quit. This anime has quite a unique premise and could turn out pretty good. This series is very engaging and so far, the art style also seems very good.

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