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Top 10 Anime Betrayals Of All Time

Anime Betrayals

The most epic anime betrayals usually take the form of a hero turning into a villain, or of an innocent character revealing a dark side. The following list contains the top 10 of the most unanticipated betrayals anime that completely caught us off guard.

1- Bleach “Aizen betrays The Soul king”

Those who wear glasses (that flash) should only be trusted with caution. The real reason why Aizen’s betrayal turned out to be so unexpected, wasn’t because he was kind or trustworthy or anything. It was because he was dead. While people are stunned to see him alive, they never realized what his actual plans were. The soul king is unworthy of his title and he must die!

2 Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) “Yukki’s betrayal”

Yukki formed the alliance on purpose, in reality, his and Yuno’s real goal was to kill the Eighth holder. After killing all of the people he formed the alliance with. He says he’ll grant them a happy life by becoming a god.

3 Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the dawn) “Soo-won kills the king”

Sudden betrayal of princess Yona’s cousin Soo-won takes her everyday peaceful life away from her, he pierced a blade into her father and killed him. Now the new king no longer seems to need the princess, she is out in the world with one of the king’s trusted shogun named Haku.

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4 Arslan Senki “Rajendra repays the help with betrayal”

Even after Arslan helped Rajendra (current king of Shindra), he still ends up betraying him. It turns out he was just bluffing when he said, “Brothers at heart.”

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5 Attack on titan “Guess who is The Female Titan?”

The female titan who murdered quite a number of soldiers as well as members of Levi’s squad.

We finally see who the female titan actually is, there were suspicions about her but seeing her transform right in front of everyone was not something everyone expected to see. Yes, the female titan is Annie Leonhart.

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