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Top 10 Anime Betrayals Of All Time

6 Berserk “Griffith transforms into a demon king”

After finding out that the king is in love with his daughter, he is taken to the darkest deepest dungeon and imprisoned there. Griffith finally gets a shot at what he desired for so long when his loyal comrades led by Guts and Casca come in risking everything in order to rescue him.

But, powers always comes at a price still, Griffith agrees to sacrifice all of his friends and companions to transform himself into a demon king. Even though his friends are being sacrificed they are still trying to save him as they don’t know what in the world is actually happening and that is a painful sight to see.

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7 Btooom! “Himiko’s friends get raped”

When Himiko takes her friends to see the members of the Yoshida band, she has to do something and that’s why she comes in late. But when she does, she sees that all three of her friends have been assaulted by Yoshida and his group. They were waiting for Himiko to arrive in order to do the same to her, however, she somehow manages to escape and call the cops. But all of her friends now despise her because she couldn’t save their honor.

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8 Black lagoon “Kageyama appoints Captain to kill rock”

One of the department chiefs of Asahi industries Kageyama betrays rock (male protagonist) by appointing Captain to kill him and the Lagoon company.

9 Fate/Stay night: unlimited blade works “Archer is going to kill himself?”

In order to turn the course of history and have a better chance of winning the Holy grail war, Archer who is from another timeline does some unexpected things and the most unanticipated among them all is the fact that Archer wants to kill Shirou (The main character) Since, Shirou is Archer himself but of another timeline so basically Archer wants to kill himself.

10 Naruto “Itachi kills his own clan”

Itachi who was supposed to be an Uchiha prodigy and their key to greatness. Turns against his own clan, he slaughters every last one of those with red eyes, even his own parents. Sasuke sees him slaughtering his parents. Overwhelmed with fear Sasuke somehow finds the courage to ask his dear brother, ‘Why did he do all of this.’ Only to find out that Itachi just wanted to test the limits of his abilities.