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Top 10 Anime Fights (Must Watch)

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Whether it’s a one on one or an all-out war. Everybody loves a great anime fight, one that is capable of giving chills to the viewers. Here in this list are our picks of top 10 fights that ever took place in anime:

1 -Bungou stray dogs: dead apple “Chuuya vs. Dragon”

Chuuya unleashes the full power of all the emotions he had, everything. The crimson beast like dragon has one building after another coming towards him. Chuuya goes insane and beats the snot out of the shenron like dragon by manipulating gravity itself, ultimately having the dragon explode.

2-Mob psycho 100 “Mob vs. Mogami”

What made this fight such a joy to watch was the fact that Mogami doesn’t have any physical form that’s why the battle that unfolds, is the battle that determines the Mob’s mental strength. It was a mind game that aroused so many deep questions about life and one’s own existence.

Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly sins) “Meliodas vs. The 10 commandments”

Facing off against his own family with the odds stacked against him. Melodias continues to fight as he takes own his old comrades in a battle royale. And after taking care of several of the commandments Melodias now has to go against his own sister.

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