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Top 10 Anime Fights (Must Watch)

Code Geass “Kallen Kozuki vs. suzaku kururugi”

With Suzaku and Lelouch finally working together, all the world goes against them which also includes the former comrades of Zero (The black nights) Suzuaku’s Lancelot faces off against the evolved Gurren piloted by Kallen. This is another clash of ideologies but with Knightmares (Mechas). What is justice and who is right?

Hunter x Hunter 2011″Gon vs. Pitou”

After realizing that Pitou won’t heal Kite. Gon gets overwhelmed by his pent up emotions, goes berserk and let’s all of his latent Nen explode. Which results in an enormous amount of power, he becomes capable of even taking out the king (Meruem) Gon takes Pitou to an empty place where he can annihilate Pitou and Pitou alone. He uses the strongest Rock, papers, scissors and punches Pitou with an insanely powerful punch. If one wasn’t enough he does that again, and again this time without an arm.

Black Clover “Asta & Yuno vs. Licht”

Even though Licht seemed to be just playing around. The vibes this fight gave were real, both Asta nad Yuno were utterly lacking in everything compared to Licht. From start to finish the fight only lasted a few moments. Both of them didn’t even stand a chance.

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