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Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

jiraya in naruto shippuden

The one thing that distinguishes between average anime and masterpieces is how they execute the deaths of certain characters that are important to the story and liked by everyone. Does it also depend on what would their death contribute to the story? Now let’s take a look at our picks for top 10 most popular and saddest anime deaths that were sad enough to make us cry:

Naruto Shippuden (Ep:131) “Jiraya”

Sure Iruka sensei, Kakashi sensei, the third Hokage all three of them contributed to Naruto’s growth but it was the Pervy sage who was the closest to being a father to Naruto. There were a lot of Jiraiya Naruto moments. After all those episodes when we were finally starting to love this character. Pain took Jiraiya away from us!

Death Note (Ep:25) “L Lawliet”

The genius detective who was the only one keeping up with light using his sheer intelligence alone, even if Light had a death note he just couldn’t find a way to kill L himself. Throughout the series, we grew to start loving L even more than the protagonist but sometimes plot can take the cake and that’s exactly what happened. Kira had to manipulate a shinigami to kill L. And L died knowing he was right!

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One Piece (Ep: 483) “Portgas D Ace”

The type of brother everyone would love to have. After getting punched by Admiral Akainu, Ace starts thinking about his past, his memories: what was his goal in life? If he deserved to live or not. As Ace thanks Luffy for everything, no one can help him as they were ineffective against the admiral and Ace’s organs have been severely burned beyond recovery. Ace dies and Luffy cries.