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Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

Akame ga Kill (Ep:17) “Chelsea”

The way this girl was killed and how her body, her head was treated after her death is enough to give anyone the chills. Even if we didn’t see much of her in the series, she was still becoming fans favorite and to showcase her corpse in such a horrible manner, just what was the author thinking?

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Attack on Titan (S3 part2 Ep:6) “Erwin Smith”

The commander of the survey corps finally meets his end before realizing his dream of seeing what was inside the basement. Beast Titan, or rather Zeke Yeager is responsible for his death as he through those insanely huge rocks like he was throwing a baseball. Ervin gets hit by one and dies a slow death as it didn’t kill him instantly.

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Assassination classroom (S2 Ep:24) “Koro Sensei”

The genius teacher who brought glory to the E class no longer has the liberty to teach or even live any longer. His only wish is to die by the hands of his own students and Nagisa does the honor of taking the life of his own sensei. This was the climax of the anime and it was indeed one of the saddest farewells in anime.

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