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Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood (Ep:10) “Maes Hughes”

A kind and gentle fellow who is living a happy life with his wife and an adorable little daughter.
Someone who is just impossible to hate. After getting shot by envy, he bleeds to death as he silently whispers that he loves his daughter.

Naruto Shippuden (Ep:138) “Itachi Uchiha”

The most hated Uchiha, who killed his own clan ends up getting killed by his younger brother Sasuke or perhaps a wall? We didn’t know much about him and why he did what he did. Obito later told Sasuke all about his older brother, it was then that Sasuke realized everything. The true bro moment of Sasuke and Itachi was undoubtedly when they defeat kabuto and the reanimation is undone.

Sword Art Online (S1 Ep:14) “Asuna”

The beautiful couple (Kirito x Asuna) becomes fans favorite, they supported and helped each other, even promised to meet in real life after the game is over. Until the moment the worst possible scenario for Kirito happens and he loses his sanity. Asuna dies!

Angel Beats (Ep:9) “Otonashi”

It takes time for him and us to understand how he died and what was his regret in life. His sister dies and he wows to become a doctor but on the way to the exam center the train crashes inside a tunnel and the ways outside are completely blocked by the rocks. Otonashi continues to help the stranded by using his knowledge of medicine but he dies moments before the rescue team shows up, the last thing he did before dying was signing up as an organ donor.

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