Zombieland Saga Season 2 Confirmed for 2020

Zombieland Saga Season 1 Plot:

Sakura Minamoto, the main character of Zombieland Saga, aspires to be an idol. Her dream of becoming a perfect idol shatters when on her way to an idol audition in 2008, she gets hit by a pick-up truck and dies abruptly. After ten years, Sakura Minamoto, finds herself reborn as a zombie in Saga Prefecture of Japan, by a mysterious man named Koutarou Tatsumi. Koutarou Tatsumi explains how he has resurrected Sakura along with six other girls as zombies to bring the idol industry back to life.

Kotaro Tatsumi, being their manager, starts scheduling different events and shows. The girls go with the flow and form a super idol group and name it Franchouchou. The living-dead girls take the responsibility to put Japan’s Saga Prefecture in an economically stable condition by revitalizing the idol industry that was dying.

Zombieland Saga Anime:

Zombieland Saga is an original piece of work by MAPPA studios. MAPPA studio has done it yet again, providing us with pure entertainment in the form of Zombieland Saga.

Everything about this show is so on point. With the perfect voice actors, amazing songs, metal rock music, and fantastic character development, Zombieland Saga is a masterpiece of Japanese Comedy anime. The character development is so amazing that the fans demand backstories on all of them! The quality animation adds to the fun!

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